About Us

Adventure Rentals strives to give our clients a friendly, easy and carefree experience, when renting one of our caravans.

We boast a fleet of different models, all customized to suit our clients needs. Whether it be a once in a lifetime trip for the family or a getaway for two. All our caravans offer comfort, convenience and are quick and easy to setup, with video tutorials provided.

 If you intend on buying a 4x4 Caravan, we encourage you to try a few of our models, enabling you to make the best choice to suit your specific needs.

What does our customers say?

"Very very good service! I recommend anyone who wants to rent a caravan to use Adventure Rentals. Staff, owners and cleaners are very friendly, helpful and professional."

- Bennie Prinsloo - 

"Baie goeie diens. Sal verseker aanbeveel!!"

- Piet Vivier -

"Thank you for supplying us with a clean, fully kitted caravan. Thank you for explaining everything in the finest detail, leaving me feeling totally confident in the job at hand - its our first time towing and camping in a caravan."

- Robbie Scheepers -